September 2017

September Mornings

September has been a fairly unproductive month for me as I seem be be going out and not taking many pictures. I have been spending a lot of time exploring new locations, which can be time consuming and often fruitless. The dark overcast mornings later in the month also did not help me, as by the time it got light enough to shoot I had to leave to go to work. That said I did have a handful of mornings when the conditions were very nice. Signs of the approaching autumn has been present all month, so lets hope it is going to be a good one.

If you are passing by, I have a picture hanging up in the Ashridge visitor centre this weekend. The image has been shortlisted in their Tree-mendous Weekend competition. The winner of the competition will be announced on Sunday. The voting is all done by the public, so any votes for my image will be much appreciated.

Finally just a quick mention about this exhibition in Watlington, that I am taking part in next weekend. The exhibition is open Saturday 10am – 5pm and Sunday 11am – 3pm.