My Flickr Favourites from August 2017


Here are my chosen three images from other photographers that were taken in August.
Like before, my chosen images will be put together in a gallery on Flickr along with all the previous ones. Or you can read all of my other previous Flickr fave posts here.

Wheelstones by Matt Oliver


I have seen a abundance of heather pictures this year and to me most of them look rather similar. What I particularly like about this one from Matt is that it is a little understated. The colour of the heather is very natural, and where it has gone over in some places makes it look more interesting. I also like that fact the sky is not a overpowering sunrise or sunset. Matt is very good at these vertical compositions, that lead your eyes perfectly up the frame.


The Last Stand by William Dore

The Last Stand

A rather moody image from William, but it is right up my street. On Twitter there was a few suggestions of alternative crops, but I agree with William that this one works best.

 Sunrise by Steve PalmerSunrise

Another choice of moody image, this time from Steve. I just like the simplicity and the fact that it could have been taken anywhere.

Well done Matt, William and Steve.


Here is this months list of photographers that also deserve a mention. Click on the names to see their images. Dave Fieldhouse, Matt Garbutt, Matthew Dartford, Sarah Brooks and Edd Allen