July 2017

Fields of Gold and Woods of mist

July has been pretty productive for me. While most people have been wondering what has happened to the sun, I have been celebrating the moody skies and the return of the mist in the hills. With the sun rising so early it gives me plenty of time to go out before work. I normally spend a lot of time hunting for new locations this time of year. But as the conditions have been so good, I only had a handful of mornings exploring new places.

Barley and wheat have continued to be a theme throughout July. It has turned from green to gold and in a few of the fields it has already been harvested. The windmill at Great Haseley has been a location that I have been visiting a lot recently. The windmill is 10 minutes away and it has had a nice field of barley growing in front of it this year. Being so close I was able to pop out in the evenings for an hour when the clouds were looking nice.

I have also started working on a small project with cobwebs. All of the images are monotone and a little abstract. It is only in the early stages but I like how it is going. Hopefully in the months to come it will continue to grow.

Last but not least I was pleased to see some misty morning back in the hills, and this last week has been especially good. Woodland in the summer can be really tricky as the greens can be really over powering. Also getting around can be a bit of a change as things like bracken and brambles have a tendency to grow everywhere. That said I did manage to get a few images that worked well.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this. Here are some of my favourite images from July.