Flickr Faves October 2016


I know what your probably thinking this is going to be full of misty autumn woodland.
I have seen plenty of nice examples including a few that haven’t made it onto Flickr yet. But surprisingly only one misty tree features here and it has no leaves.

Each month I pick three of my favourite images and group them together in a gallery on Flickr. The full collection of these galleries can be found here.

Shingle Street 08/10/16 – By Matthew Dartford

Shingle Street 08/10/16I have seen plenty of great images from this location, but I think Matthew has managed to capture one of the best. I really like the way the image looks almost monochrome, then you see that patch of light on the shingle in front of the houses. Matthew’s choice of shutter speed is also very nice, just enough to smooth the water but still retaining some shape to the clouds.

SINISTER – By Neil Burnell

Mist and a old gnarled looking tree is always going to go down well with me. But what I like most about this image is all the birds. The one that has just left the branch with its wings spread out, makes this image special for me.

Spectral – by David Ball


Another great black and white shot with some lovely misty conditions. David has captured some lovely reflections and atmosphere here. I look at this and think it looks like a castle in the sky.

Well done Matthew, Neil and David.



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